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To get Free LED Installation by PG&E Rebate and On Bill Financing.

PG&E offers rebates to owners and managers of multifamily properties with two or more units when you upgrade to qualifying, energy-efficient products. Inno-Led Lighting will help you replace new LEDs with DLC with listed on California Statewide Qualified LED Product List.

Are you Eligible for PG&E rebate?

Review the rebate catalog and understand the product rebate requirements for your
residence or business. Be prepared to provide:

· The measure code from the appropriate rebate catalog.

· The make and model of the product purchased.

For business rebates they require the following items:

1. An invoice for the purchased product

2. Product specifications defined in the appropriate rebate catalog

3. Manufacturer Specification Sheet

Inno-Led Lighting is a License Distributor of PG&E program. We helped a lot customers installed LED lights for FREE. Make sure you have your Service Agreement ID and Account number. Rebate items can be calculated at California Qualified LED Product List

Click here to check if you are Also Eligible for Energy-saving Loan on monthly bills.

To apply for On Bill Financing after Rebate program, the customer will go through the following process to apply the Loan from PG&E, of course we can help you go through all of that! It is NO tax charges, NO extra fees.

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